Digital information and records management capability matrix

Posted on November 20, 2016 in General News

Developed by National Archives of Australia

What is the capability matrix?

The capability matrix identifies skills and knowledge that organisations and their employees need to create and manage information effectively to meet their business and accountability needs. It outlines the capabilities organisations need to transition to fully digital information management and to ensure information remains accessible and usable over time.

Who can use the capability matrix?

Organisation can use the matrix to:

  • plan for staff professional development
  • develop position descriptions and selection documents
  • develop performance management expectations
  • develop training programs
  • develop succession plans and learning pathways.

Capabilities for information and records management specialists

Information and records managers are responsible for strategically managing information in all formats and in all locations. They have a crucial role to play in the effective and efficient management of all business information from creation and capture to destruction or transfer. It is expected that all information and records managers will also have the capabilities required for all staff.

Using the capability matrix students and employees can identify which Vocational Education Training course will provide the best skill sets to undertake their role at various levels.

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