Having recently completed the first 4 units of the Advanced Recordkeeping Diploma, I have been extremely impressed with the course content and Chris Fripp’s excellent knowledge in the recordkeeping and information management industry. This has assisted me in filling in the blanks of my own knowledge, having only worked in the industry for four years. The course has provided me with additional resources and ideas for improving the records management systems within our department and I hope to implement some of them in the near future.

Gail (ACT)

Absolutely thrilled to be part of the Adv Dip course, even more thrilled to meet like-minded people who could laugh at jokes about loose papers, functional classification and naming conventions. Only months after attending the Cert IV, and with Adv Dip course in the pipe line, I was offered acting supervisory role within the registry… Who knew that becoming a certified professional record keeper could be so rewarding, so quickly!

Lynda (ACT)

Piecing it all together.” That’s what he did for me. After 34 years of work experience and exposure to many components of the course material no one had ever explained to me the overall structure of recordkeeping; many of us work in silos and never get to see the big picture. The knowledge and experience that Chris had gained during his working life is invaluable and his ability to share this in the classroom in a manner which is easy to understand and provide working examples certainly enhanced my knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I achieved my goal because of Chris. I very much appreciated his method of delivery; in the past I have struggled to follow certain courses but no so in this case.

Dave (WA)

Well, all I can say is…. THANK YOU!!! Your explanation of the course content was great. I think it was in 1986 when I did my ‘Secretarial Diploma’ which was *cough cough*…. a while ago. I’ve done a few certificates since then but have never enjoyed it as much as this Diploma, so big thanks, J. It’s really helped my confidence and to feel somewhere equal as my counterparts in the industry.

Sharon (WA)

The topics covered during the first week were applicable to my role and interacting with other students face to face has helped me gain a better understanding of the subject matter and how it is relevant in both my organisation and others. The sharing of information post training for research and assessments has also been invaluable. I recommend the Advanced Diploma of Recordkeeping for anyone interested in developing and enhancing their skills and knowledge in information management.

Sue (WA)

I really enjoyed Chris’ presenting of the course, he kept everyone engaged and made what can be sometimes  a quite dry subject into something relevant and interesting. One of the best facilitators I have seen for a long time.

Wendy (QLD)

The content and delivery of the course has been fantastic!  I have certainly taken what I have learnt back to my work place and have been in a better position for it.  The trainer had extensive experience and knowledge in information management legacy and modern practices which was great to see.

Adrian (Vic)

This is a great way for people already working in the industry to get qualifications. The course work is relevant and interesting, and provides participants with a strategic framework for carrying out their role.

Julie (NSW)

The Diploma in Recordkeeping provided by the Relevancy was a valuable experience. I was guided skillfully through the competencies by a very well experienced and knowledgeable facilitator. I got to share and learn from other RM professionals and increase my network. The course was structured to fit in with my busy work schedule…and it was also a whole lot of fun!

Sara (QLD)

The course has assisted me to think more of the strategic planning of Records and Information Management for my organisation for the years to come.  The chance to meet with staff from other agencies and fields was great for information sharing and networking.

Sharon (WA)

After 14 years in Records Management I decided it was time to get some formal qualifications to go with the years’ experience in the job. I have to admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect at the training course and wasn’t really looking forward to eight full days of training, but it didn’t take me long to be completely captivated by our trainer. Other training courses I have been to in the past have only provided bits and pieces of value, but I thought this was great 100% of the time. I can honestly say I have never attended a better training course!

Rachael (Vic)